Music Machine App is composed of an app for mobile .... and this website, where you are now. It is devised
so that the clients of a local, can enjoy the music of that place, but selecting them the songs.

The operation is as follows:

For the part of the web, the local as user of the account, will have to register to create an account.
After entering a series of personal data, a password will be created for that account. That user and that password, are for the local expressly and serves to access your site on the web, where you can save in a list all the songs you want, in mp3 format and then enjoy the customers accessing the app. The web will send an email to the mail of the local, with the data to access the web, and on the other hand the data so that the clients who are in the premises can access the list.

For the part of the app, if the client of the place has installed the app in his mobile, after having entered
a name user and a password that will provide the local, access to the list of music that has the local. The customer can select one of the songs from the list and send it to the local player to play on your speakers. You can only send a song at the same time. No more than one song, and if the song has not been played in a few minutes, it will sound in the local environment. This app is free, you will not have to pay anything for installing it, for using it either.

You can use this app, in a pub, or on a disk that has this system installed, which is very simple to use and
install. Also for private parties, that is, for any type of meeting with your friends, and that they select the music. What do you think about that?.....